Have you ever dreamt of waking up to another sky. New air? Why stand still when there’s all that life out there?


As a Muslim, there is a phrase that is commonly used to describe living your life: “Live your life as a traveler.” And what if we really did?


Ever think about it? Filling a small suitcase, pulling on your killer kicks, and saying “chao” to the life you knew? I’m not saying abandon it, just depart from it for a short while.


But it’s not that easy is it? Because we’re all attached to things, people, expectations, and what Sarah/Maryam-who-doesn’t-really-care-for-your-happiness-or-well-being thinks about your life choices.


My question is: What will liberate you?


You hear stories of people who completely change their life after they get a cancer diagnosis. They use those last bits of life for something fantastic.  The majority of us are so attached to the life we live that we forget to realize it is in no way attached to us. Will it really take something as big as cancer, a death of a loved one, or near-death experience for you to walk up?


Truth: We’re all dying. This day is the only one of its kind and we will never see it or experience it again.


If I died tomorrow, I’d be happy knowing I was at least in the pursuit of something absolutely brilliant. Could you say that?