Stories. They’re everywhere. How do religions teach? Stories. What does music sing of? Stories. Why do those movies make us cry, laugh, or send a shiver up our back? It’s all because of the stories.
Today, I found myself replaying this trailer over and over again because of the way it made me feel.


Fear is a psychological barrier that inhibits and cripples you from acting. Most importantly, fear is a CHOICE. “Don’t misunderstand me,” danger is real, so be aware of it. There’s a right way and a wrong way to deal with fear. And if you succumb to it, don’t be afraid to try again. The wrong way to deal with fear is to deny it and push it back, because it will just trying coming back at you. The right way to deal with fear is to let it take its course, follow the sensation as it takes its course through your body. Once you understand how fear makes you feel, it’ll be easier to act despite its presence. Choose to make fear irrelevant.


This trailer shows that the place where fear thrives is in our origin. I find that to be true. There is a fear in finding our origin, more specifically, finding our purpose. We wonder why we have been given a chance, why we exist, and we question the point of our origin…


How’d this trailer make you feel?