Take the base of your hand and thump it against your forehead (bonus points if you add a bit of attitude to your face).

That’s how I felt when I realized I had finally tapped into the flow of abundance. It was an OMG-DUH-THIS-IS-AWESOME moment.

I say finally because I thought I had tapped into it before, but not as deeply as I have now. Now, I’m attracting clients, money, people, and opportunities I used to work so hard for only to be told NO in the end.

Because that’s the tricky thing about reaching new levels of clarity. It’s hard to know it, or even explain it, because the description of the feeling isn’t a substitute for the feeling itself. No amount of explaining will let you know what it truly is.

The only way to know abundance is to experience it yourself.

I’ve found that true for every new level of upper mindset shift I’ve experienced.

And my recent surrender to abundance is no different.

So, let me at least attempt to tell you what’s changed. ONE, I’m more calm and feel more at ease at critical moments where before I would go into panic mode and try to do 100 things at the same time (only to realize I’d done nothing by the end of the day). TWO, the things I want are starting to come to me or are becoming easy to attain – the clients, money, mentors, and opportunities I mentioned.

Abundance & My Islamic Faith

This phenomenon is interesting because some might believe manifesting and the laws of attraction are contradictory to my Islamic faith. But it’s not, in fact, I feel it’s very much aligned to it.

Trusting the universe and abundance is comparable to trusting God. It just comes down to how much you trust Him. There’s a difference in a prayer that asks, “Please Allah give me more money.” and “Please Allah let me increase my normal income by $5,000 by June.” And then TRUSTING it to happen (the most important part)! It’s not just about being specific, it’s about trusting Allah/God to help you achieve what you want or help you achieve something better in its place.

It’s kind of the essence of faith.

There are stories of people trusting Allah so much that they ask for the perfect spouse by a specific date and it happens. I believe these kinds of universal laws exist and anyone can tap into them – if we could only learn to trust at a deeper level.

Unlock the Flow of Abundance

You might think you know abundance, but unless you’re actually living in it, you don’t know it. Period. The one secret to abundance is something most faiths share and most people strive to achieve. It is the art of giving without expectation. It’s about reinterpreting your reality and seeing the world through a new lens.

We each carry our set of beliefs that shape our world. And it’s very hard for most to change the way they see the world. And when it comes to things like money, that couldn’t be more true.

This is what I’ve recently learned from my coach, “If you can’t think like someone who’s making $100K or more per year and be on that vibration, than you will find a way to sabotage yourself and take yourself out of the flow of abundance.

The key to abundance is based on the way you think and your intention. It’s the fact that when you give for giving’s sake you will get something back from the universe. But if you give to get something in return or are living in scarcity, you don’t get anything from the universe.

So, here’s the secret: Let go of all attachments and see the light in every situation.

Here’s how you can practice: Give without expectation by removing all attachments and expectations you have and clearing your intention. With every darkness, there is light. Choose to see the light. Make it a daily mission to find the light in every situation you’re in.

It sounds too simple

But isn’t that true for the best things in life?

Just be consistent and you’ll start to see the shift.

I believe in you.