Let be honest. When you talk about your dreams, this is how it looks: the head lowers, the voice drops, and words like “sorta,” “kinda,” “ish” start blabbing out of your mouth. Our dreams are sometimes the biggest secrets we keep and we’re afraid of the world to discover them.


On the other side, you also know what it’s like when you talk about living up to society’s expectations. There’s this pride you get, a kind of worthless sort of pride that doesn’t really mean anything to you. You can see it in the way they talk, the way they flaunt it, with their head held high. I know that feeling very well because I used to act like that when I was pursuing medicine. When I would mention it, there would be the energy of expectation I would give off and I would get an energy of approval from people, friends, aunties, uncles, pretty much everyone. I was actually very much caught up in that feeling, it made me think I was doing it, doing life* right.


Until sense hit me, either that or insanity (as some of my friends voices insist of revealing half the time I talk to them about my business). I mean seriously, stop recommending me to a million jobs whenever I mention copywriting. *oh-so-subtle-but-not-really-hint* If the help was earnest, I appreciate it. Otherwise, you should have noticed, I stopped talking to you. *smile*


Dreams Aren’t Meant to Be Understood by Others


That’s because they’re YOUR dreams. Time and time again you hear of the has-been haters of some of the most successful people in the world. Need a reminder, check this out:


image is not mine, no idea where it came from, but it belongs to wherever it's from.


The only person who needs to understand your dreams is YOU. It’s the opinion of yourself that makes or breaks you. It’s the opinion of yourself that causes you to begrudging cough up your dreams or declaring them boldly, like a billy goat on a mountain…erm or not…


You, your ideas are worth exactly what you think they are. Be who you want to be, otherwise you’ll be, well, someone you don’t want to be. So, BE THE BILLY GOAT. BAHHH! Okay fine, maybe that’s not cool and you might freak people out. How about a DRAGON? RAWR.


Billy goat/Dragonify your dreams in the comments. What’s that secret you got?