The Best Commencement Speech You’ll Ever Hear (20 minutes)

There are certain moments when your heart swells in acknowledgement because of what someone has said. It comes from the people that think like you, the people that understand your story, and have even lived it. You nod, cheer, and explain to that person profusely how much you agree. This commencement speech is one of those things.


For anyone hoping to be successful in doing their own thing:




The world is changing. It’s the best time to make your own rules. The best point I got from this is that you need to enjoy whatever you’re doing and stop worrying. Count the blessings in the moment you’re in.


What did you think about the speech? What remark applies to your life?



  • Rahman

    Great post! A very inspirational speech…. is this the guy that wrote Dr Who??

    • Nadia

      Isn’t it awesome! He recently wrote one of the episodes of Doctor Who, “The Doctor’s Wife”!

  • Fatima.Z

    Awesome video! People get so caught up with work/school that they don’t fully enjoy those experiences and end up regretting it later. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes,
    “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”
    Thanks for the video!

    • Nadia

      Agreed. Taking this chance has made me more happy than I’ve ever been!

    • Saba

      Love that quote.

  • katrina

    I like how he talked about how when he did something for the money he regretted it one way or another. I went to china for the money to pay off bills and in the end I did not pay off the bills but now that I have been in Thailand making less money but much happier I have paid more bills, made art, and live in the apartment that I wanted in china but never found.

    Thank you. SO much. I needed to hear this.