Photo By David Di Veroli


I love avocados.

They are a guilty-but-not-so guilty pleasure. Put it on toast and BAM you have yourself the yummiest snack ever AND it’s pretty darn good for you too.

You can put it in smoothies, use it as the “cheese” in tortillas, and ever bake eggs ‘em.

I LOVE them. I even have a secret stash in my room. Shhh.

For me, it hits two birds with one stone. One they’re yummy as heck and TWO they are ridiculously good for you.

Now, what does this have to do with copywriting you ask? Fair question.

Each element in your copy can also hit two birds with one stone. In fact, it can even hit several “technique birds” with a just a few lines of text.

For example, your headline should be a few things:

  • It grabs your attention.
  • It’s clear and specific.
  • It highlights a relevant benefit.
  • It make you want to open it NOW.
  • BONUS POINTS if you can add personality.

If you can hit all of the above on the head. Then, BAM. You got yourself a pretty snazzy headline.

But let me tell you a secret shortcut. It’s called swiping. That’s when you study copy from someone else, figure out the basic framework, and use it in your own copy. But it’s only as powerful as the copy you’re swiping from.

So, where’s a good place to swipe headlines? Buzzfeed.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about buzzfeed, but it’s getting pretty popular among my friends . I always see a video or list article on my feed. Their headlines are sometimes so tantalizing I can’t help but click.

Here are a few examples of some pretty compelling headlines from a site that never fails to get noticed, Buzzfeed:

  • 28 Reasons You Should Absolutely Never Visit The Philippines – I love the use of the phrase “absolutely never.” Depending on  your voice and personality, you might find it fun to use too.

Example: 28 Reasons You Should Absolutely Never Outsource Your Blog Posts


  • Should You Ditch Your Jawbone Or Fitbit For An Apple Watch? – If Disney Princesses Were Historically Accurate – There’s a revelation waiting inside for us. It’s an open ended headline that leaves the reader curious, wanting to see more.

Example: If Medical Doctors Were Brutally Honest About Your Nutrition


  • How Well Do You Know The Theme From “Full House”? – This is a fun one because it’s  asking us to conjure a common memory among a group of people. That can bring about a HUGE connection between your readers. It also challenges us at the same time.

Example: How Well Do You Know Your Brand Story?


Swiping headlines from Buzzfeed is a great way to hack headlines. Study them and figure out why they might be appealing and how you can mirror that with your own headlines. Through that process alone, you’ll start to see what gets noticed on your blog and be able to write snazzy headlines all by yourself.