In my house, if you want to make sure your favorite food isn’t eaten, you gotta stash it. Otherwise, anything out in the open is up for grabs.

I have a secret stash of avocados, cereal, and Dr. Pepper.

Oh! And of course… Betty Crocker Molten Caramel Cake –  for days when I want to indulge a little.

Sh… Don’t tell.

They are the things I reach for when I have a NEED to satisfy a craving.

And sometimes, when you’re writing you have a NEED for inspiration.

That’s why you need a few tools to help keep your own “inspiration stash.”

Create Your Own Writing Inspiration Stash

An inspiration stash can be thought of as a swipe file or a folder of writing that has inspired you or made you feel something.

There are a few tools that you can use to start creating your inspiration stash:

When you read something online that moves you, you can simply bookmark it on your browser. However, there’s a problem with that. What if those posts get deleted on the website you bookmarked? It’ll be lost forever.

Another thing you can try is right clicking and selecting “Save as…” to save an ENTIRE page and its contents in HTML format in a folder on your computer, so you can access it at anytime, no matter what.

My favorite way?

Evernote. You can take screenshots or save whole pages with Evernote and access them whenever you’d like – without worrying about space on your hard drive and if something will get deleted off a site. It’s super easy too.

Start keeping a secret inspiration stash you can turn to when you’re in need of fuel for your creative fire.

There’s no world famous artist who DIDN’T get inspired from someone else’s work. It’s all a part of your journey as a writer and as a human.


So, embrace it.

Keep track of what inspires you.

And let it fuel your brilliance.