Love Scribbles…



When I first saw Nadia in her B-School video entry, I was blown away. I KNEW I had to work with her.

Holy blazing shit were my instincts right. Nadia is amazing, like in a serious way. I literally had tears welling up when I read the copy she wrote for me. I cannot express how amazed I am at everything, the copy feels sooooo right! I think it is damn sweet perfection! I just get chills every time I read it all! This is going to be a game changer for me. Nadia is magic. I am grateful for her word wizardry!

Amber Bryce,



“Working with Nadia was simply a pleasure! I initially signed up for her free session and within 15 minutes she gave me so much feedback and ideas that I couldn’t even write them all down fast enough! At that time, I needed a quick solution for my sales page, so I hired Nadia on the spot because I just knew that I could never present what she suggested in a way that would sell (and I’d like). Nadia delivered the copy within 24 hours and it was so much better than I even imagined it would be.

Plus, she’s just a joy to chat to and is simply a laugh, 🙂 Don’t hesitate hiring her!

Katya Barry,



Nadia is a brilliant wordsmith and marketing copy expert. She transformed my existing sales page copy by tweaking it in several key places, making the whole feel of the message more evocative and more reflective of what’s in my heart and mind. Thanks to Nadia’s touch, my opt-ins and sales are increasing. She has an eagle eye for the exact words and word placement designed to get the results I desire.

Gina Knepell,



YES! LOVE it. You were able to lay out the ideas that had been swirling around my head for so long into a great, coherent package. I loved the structure and the message.

Rachael Ellison,



Praise for my Copy Breakthrough Session









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