Everyone feels like poop sometimes. It happens. I’ve used the first few posts of my blog to talk about taking care of yourself. Why? Because it’s cool. Well, yes, it’s cool, but that’s not why I did it. I did it because if you’re hardcore about starting an online business, you, as a person, have to be hardcore. Ya, ready for some mind-blowing stuff?


Warning: Online Entrepreneurship is not for people who need deadlines or school/workplace culture to get work done.


Everything you do is for you. So slacking off will hurt you like no other. No one will come to remind you, send you an email, or update you. Can you trust yourself?


Exception: If the above warning applies to you, there is hope. You can change.


Woah, didn’t expect that one, did ya? I believe people can change themselves. Period. Want to know why? Because I did.


My “I changed because I could” Story:


In business, you’re super better off if you’re positive. Me + the past = I didn’t believe I could do it. TRUE STORY. But I realized I really wanted freedom and I would fight to get it, even if it killed me. So, I knew I needed to change, but wasn’t quite sure how to do it. I doubted myself, doubted my capabilities, and hated the way I was. Okay, fine! A lot of people have this story. It’s something that makes us human, a universal struggle we all face. I am glad to say that was my weakness and I got out of it.


So, how did I start seeing the best possibilities for myself by instinct? Instead of seeing the worst in everything, making excuses for myself, and saying it probably wouldn’t happen? (My usual instinct was “Poop, I can’t do this bye.”) How you say? By choosing to rewire my brain.


Shawn Achor, a professor from Harvard, calls it “The Happiness Advantage” and no matter who you are, you should really watch this video (ignore the weird music in the beginning):



This is the “happiness journal” he’s talking about, mine anyways. I call the “happiness journal” because I LOVE being dorky. You can call it the “gratitude journal” if you want, to be all sophisticated and what not.




He mentions you need 5 things in your life to become more positively minded: Noting three things you’re grateful for, journaling, exercise,  meditation, and random acts of kindness. My journal takes care of the first two. Everyday I write three things I am grateful for and I journal about one experience within the last 24 hours that made me happy (so a positive experience). Quick and simple. Watch the video (it’s also hilarious). He explains his studies and how he’s worked with companies around the world to help their employees be happy and become more productive.


Why is this effective? You’ve attached a repeated action to it, making it more tangible. A thought is indeed powerful, but attaching something tangible to it, makes that thought stronger in your mind. Choose to be positive, make this action to align with that choice, and let it be part of your everyday. When you want a big change in your life, it’s good to keep yourself reminded and motivated with something tangible. Many people who try to lose weight put motivational quotes all over their room to keep them going. I wear a hijab, which keeps me focused on my religion (I actually wrote a whole post about this which you can read here: Wearing Hijab is Exactly Like Being A Superhero).


You’re the advocate of whatever business you decide on running. It’s your baby. In order to operate a successful business, you need to operate as the best version of you. Save yourself, save the world. I am a firm believer that by changing yourself, you can change the world. You know who else agrees with me? RUMI!


Tweetable – “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi


Okay, fine. Because I know you love them, I’ll add another warning:


Warning: Wanting to change is completely different from taking the actions to change.


Don’t talk. Do. Be your own power. Buy a journal, write in it every night. Be positive. Watch yourself change. BAM.



What have you done to improve something about yourself? What was your struggle? Let me know in the comments below.