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Boss lady.

That’s who they know you as. You have a soul-centered, revolutionary business that’s changing the world. You’ve fought and won countless battles against the stereotypes, the nay-sayers, and especially your own dark demons.

And now you’re ready to pump it up a notch – or a dozen.

It takes the right message to build the force of your revolution. And you’re ready to get crystal clear. One way or another, the words on the page are gonna be there. It’s just a matter of whether or not those words are saving you time and making you more money.

Clarity is Confidence.
Confidence builds trust.
And trust gets paid.

Allow me to help with the clarity that comes with copywriting.

Do you think you’re organized?


“I really need to get organized.” That’s something a lot of us say, but majority of the time, we have no idea how to get started. And if you want to be successful, it’s a MEGA-important step to take as an entrepreneur. Because if you don’t have the right systems in place a lot of things can go haywire.

I’ve noticed that a lot of you have been telling me that you’re having trouble staying on top of everything. And while I’m creating my tribe-only freebies, I wanted to share the systems and software I’m using to stay on track and get things moving.

So, I wanted to know: where are you having trouble getting organized?

So, tell me in the comments:

1) What areas of your business do you need to get organized in the most?

2) Are you using any system/software that you LOVE?

I’ll tell you what’s best to use in each of the areas you’re having trouble with on Thursday.

500 Words That Will Help You Bust Through Your Resistance

photo 2 (1)

It’s always when we have something really important to do that we face a HUGE amount of resistance. It’s like a wall that you’re too afraid to get close to (because hell, it might just fall on your face). I know you’re used to turning the other way when you approach it or skirting around its edge. But today, I want you to do something that might make you a little uncomfortable.

I want you to face the wall of resistance, sit down, and talk to it about WHY it’s there – BY WRITING.

I call it writing therapy.

Because even as a writer there are days when I just CANNOT touch my keyboard. When I’m just SO FAR from my writing zone. But I know – and so do you – that the only way to get work done is to GET TO WORK. And here’s the big secret: it’s way easier with writing therapy.

So, what is writing therapy?

Writing therapy is a way to work through your resistance and recognize what the “wall” truly is – so you know exactly how to dismantle it and strut FORWARD.

Here’s the 500-Word Writing Therapy Secret:

  1. Open up a blank document on your computer OR get a paper and pen.
  2. Get smack dab in the middle of your mental resistance, really feel it.
  3. Now, with that energy, write this “I really should be doing X, but I…
  4. Keep writing. Don’t stop. Think out loud on paper or the computer screen. And try to be easy on yourself. You’ll find that you’ll discover what the root of the problem really is and get the motivation you need to BEGIN. If you’re not sure when to stop, 500 words should do the trick. If you want to do more, go for it. If you want less, don’t stress. Just do it.

Because that’s the hardest part, BEGINNING. Once you begin, it’s easier to stay on track.

Squeeze some Writing Therapy right before your create ANYTHING and watch how easy it is to get started – AND GET FINISHED!!

This is a practice I started and announced on my Facebook page a while ago. It helps me bust through my resistance. Whenever you feel a pinch of resistance, write 500 words just to talk to yourself about what’s going on inside so you can stare your problem down, instead of it just floating in your head.

You should try it. It doesn’t have to 500 words, it doesn’t even have to be a word limit. Write non-stop for 5 minutes. Don’t write what you think you should say, just write whatever you need to write (no one has to see it). It’s more liberating than you know.

Try it out. Let me know if this works for you. And if you’re brave, share what you wrote in the comments. I’d love to see what this process unfolds for you…

How to Stop Working from a Place of Fear and Trust Your Journey

photo 1

It’s a fever pitch building in your body and the pressure’s about to make you explode. You’re not exactly sure what to do in your business. So, you look at the competitor at your left and your right and try to adjust yourself, your words, your layout, even your offerings to THEIR form. At the same time, you’re launching two business ideas simultaneously - not sure if either is going to be successful. And you’re scraping together as much work as you can get – even though it doesn’t give you the money you NEED

That’s what it looks like to work from a place of fear.

Did that resonate with you? Good. Keep reading for a way out of the madness.

First off, don’t be too hard on yourself. This is a phase WE ALL have gone through. So, if you’re experiencing this right now, know that you’ll get to where you want to go eventually – if you put in the work.


When you work from a place of fear, you’re in scarcity mode.

I used to be in a constant state of fear. I was worried about getting clients. I was worried about making enough money. I was worried about the future of my business and myself. The heat of it all coursed through me.

Working with so much fear, anxiety, and doubt put huge roadblocks in my path. Everything became harder. The worst part was that it kept me playing small in my business. People could sense the fear I had, even though I never talked about it. That energy is distinct. And THAT drove away a lot of business. Look, the reality is…

When you work from a place of with fear, you single-handedly jeopardize your success and corrupt your creativity and work.

I know first hand what it’s like to create with fear. Nothing comes out with sincerity – even if you try. Your fear makes you procrastinate, it makes all your tasks take longer than it needs to, it makes your work inconsistent and poor, and you forget about your customers – because you’re worried more about yourself. So, the entire creative process is corrupted and the END result of all your effort is a shabby piece of work that doesn’t help people in the BEST way YOU could’ve offered (sure, it might be helpful, but you’ve lessened the impact you can truly make because of all of that blockage).

So, what does it look like when you work from a place OPPOSITE of fear? What does it look like when you work from a place of FREEDOM?

When you work from a place of freedom, you live in abundance.

You don’t need to be flourishing with clients to STOP worrying about clients. You also don’t need to be flush with money to STOP worrying about money! You can CHOOSE to live in abundance regardless of how much you’re making right now. Because when you make that choice, you STOP sounding desperate, you STOP taking on clients who’ll make you miserable and pinch every penny out of you, and you STOP worrying so much about yourself. Instead, you think your customers and clients and how you can serve them to the best of your ability.

When you work from a place of freedom, everything you create is YOUR absolute best.

Now, that you’ve finally removed the focus off you and onto making a real difference, you can create your absolute BEST work. You can finally think about your customers and what they want. You can finally ask yourself how you can really help them get to where they want to go – faster. You can finally make the impact you’ve been intending to make!

But how do you make the transition from FEAR to FREEDOM?

The first step is to admit you’re working from fear. Thankfully, I realized what was happening to me. I realized I was worried about the effects of my work, INSTEAD OF THE WORK ITSELF. I was worried about what people would think, if it was living up to my expectations, if I would be loved or hated. All of THAT stuff doesn’t matter when you’re creating. YOU JUST NEED TO CREATE.

Then, you have to train your mental habits to think abundantly. This one’s a little bit more tricky. When we try to change, our bad habits – mental and physical – pulls us backward. It takes time to change the way we think. There are many ways you can remove beliefs that don’t work for you. I recommend starting slowly, one area of your life at a time. The most powerful way to change is to surround yourself with people who already think abundantly! You’ll begin to see huge changes in yourself. If you can’t find people who live with abundance, there are plenty of people who allow you to dip into their life with the books that they’ve written (try Manifesting Abundance by Marianne Williamson or Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer).

In the end, you want to work from a place of FREEDOM, so that everything you touch and create, everyone you speak to and interact with, will be filled with your love and sincerity.

And that is when you can finally TRUST YOUR JOURNEY.

The energy that comes from working from a place of FREEDOM is what makes you money, gets you clients, and makes your impact.

Do you think you’re working from a place of fear?

Let me know in the comments, that’s where I wanna see some action!

How to Fake it Until You Make it and Still Be Honest

photo 4

This new year brought me a new realization. For a long time, I thought you had to “fake it ‘til you make it.” I didn’t really question that statement at all and just kinda charged forward with it. But in actuality, I was floating forward – unsure and unsteady. Because you cannot just fake it completely.

What was I doing?

I was working hard in my business and whenever anything came up that I didn’t know, I told myself, “I’ll just fake it ‘til I make it.” Not a smart move. Because when you do that you can’t escape the fake feeling forever.

Still, I knew the core lesson “fake it ‘til you make it” was that you needed to keep trying to excel. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you also need to be honest.

You need a safe space to be honest with yourself, with your expertise, and with your journey. Otherwise, there’ll be a rotten feeling at your core.

Now, I did have a safe space, but I was NOT being honest while I was there… not that I was lying. I was just trying to fake it ‘til I made it. I wasn’t using the space to be honest. And without honesty, you can’t grow and you can never acknowledge the barriers, limits, and issues that you have and you’ll stay stuck.

‘Fake it til you make it’ only applies when you’re on a stage or platform. It’s pretty much, anywhere else that is NOT your “safe space.”

If you don’t have your safe space, this is what I’ve noticed happen: you get pushed into a place of pressure and pain.

So, here’s the lesson: You need a space of safety to be honest about where you are and where you want to go, so you ACTUALLY. GET. THERE.

So, what’s yours?

Find a space where you can be honest OR create your own space. Maybe that means joining a program or mastermind. Maybe it’s creating your own group of local entrepreneurs you invite to Panera (MY FAV!) and chat over what’s REALLY going on in your biz.

Just get your safe space.

One space is right HERE is on my blog. My comments are where my community interacts. Join us and together you’ll stop feeling alone through it all.

Here’s the question for today’s post: What do YOU need to be honest about?

Let me know in the comments below…seriously…I’m waiting for you…

I Stripped My Services Page + My Year of Self-Exploration (& Your Year of Free Shizza)


I was on a coaching call today with Erika Lyremark and Srinivas Rao. And I had a huge breakthrough talking to them.

The biggest thing I took from the call was this…

“Results are a by-product of full self-expression.” – Srinivas Rao

It made me realize I’ve been doing business the way I THINK I should be doing it, instead of the way I want to do it. And THAT has made my business suffer.

Of course, that triggered the epitome of all questions to surface in my mind…

“What do I want?”

Have you really ever taken the time to honestly answer that question? Because I know haven’t, not deeply enough.

What do I want from my business?

What do I want from my life?

HOW do I want to show up in the world?

What’s MY ultimate vision?

That’s why this year I’m taking the time to figure that out. I’ve completely removed my services to help jump 100% in this process. Does that mean you won’t be getting anything from me? Nope. I still have a few goodies up my sleeve, BUT more importantly, I’m giving away a LOT of free stuff this year.

And I’m going to need your help. I can’t figure this out without your guidance and feedback. I’m going to be serving YOU, so I’ll be asking what you want from me. And I’ll give it to you. Point Blank.

No tricks.
No hassles.
It’s going to be ridiculous.

Is there a strategy behind this?

I just want to see what I can create when there’s nothing but my happiness attached to it.
Time to play…

How Viciously Do You Unsubscribe From Email Lists?

After working with a lot of holistic health and wellness coaches, I’ve noticed a lot of what they’re offering is very similar. It’s my job to go in and help them differentiate themselves by letting their true voice shine through. That way, they’re able to connect with the people they’re meant to serve AND the people who will let them do their BEST work.

I also always tell them the importance of creating a unique world for their community – and when I say community, I mean subscribers (aka their tribe).

Just think for a second. How viciously do you unsubscribe from email lists? Your inbox is flooding and you’re waiting for a reason to unsubscribe from a list. Am I right? I just purged my inbox from unwanted subscriptions that were flooding my inbox at a rate of 20-30 emails a day. I successfully unsubscribed to 140+ lists! My God, it’s now a pleasure to check my email.

What happens when someone has an itch to unsubscribe and the next email they open is yours?

What are you offering up that makes your subscriber say, “Yeah, they’re worth it.”

Because if you don’t have something good for them, than you’ve probably noticed your subscriber numbers dwindling away.

It’s time to ask yourself: How am I serving them? How am I making them feel like a zillion bucks? What’s something I could give away for free that they would easily pay me for? How am I making the subscriber experience VIP and exclusive?

Those are just a few questions to help you brainstorm. I have exact solutions for you below and if you’re a health coach, you definitely want to check it out!

Ways a health coach can spoil their list:

  • A week’s worth of healthy recipes that you can actually afford
  • 5 Healthy Dessert Recipes
  • A Mantra or Manifesto that highlights you values
  • A guided mediation (audios, worksheets, videos) that help motivate people to instill healthy values in their life
  • A mental routine that will help them make the shift to holistic health
  • An interview series with industry peeps
  • An exact step-by-step blueprint on how to implement a daily exercise routine in their life
  • A pdf of the game-changing nuggets that had the most impact on your clients, using their specific quotes.
  • Audios that help work through a problem with a client
  • A recorded conference call
  • A worksheet or workbook that will give them some kind of mental shift or allow them to plan out something they want, for example how to identify your personal blockages that are stopping you from being holistically healthy.
  • I know someone who actually sends people a REAL workbook + CD in the mail to ALL their subscribers.

All these examples can be tweaked to fit whatever type of business you’re running.

By the way, did I mention a subscriber exclusive VIP experience? On December 18th, I’ll be having an awesome conference call. Keep a look out for the sign-up page.

Which goodie did you pick to spoil your list with? Let me know in the comments. Hit me with questions if you have ‘em.


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