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Let Go of the Invisible Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

You can feel the weight of a watch when you put it on in the morning. But in a matter of an hour or less, you forget that it’s there. That’s exactly what it’s like with our limiting beliefs about life, money, love, and relationships. Eventually, we may forget we have... read more

A Foolproof Way to Talk and Write About What You Do With Clarity

Have you ever tried to explain your favorite show to someone who’s never heard of it before? “It’s about a human-looking alien in a flying phone box who travels through space and time.” Look in the mirror. That’s the face people might give you when you talk or write... read more

The Best Friend Approach to Writing Copy that Inspires Action

What happens when you really know someone? Like the way you know your best friend? Well, you know what inspires them. You know what they look forward to each day, what they dread each day. You know what they despise. And you know what they’re fed up with. Maybe you... read more