My Toolbox


These are the tools I use in my business. I’ve included tools I used when I first started that are great for beginners and more advanced tools, as well. Some of these are affiliate links, however I ONLY recommend products I actually use or upgraded from in my business.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these tools by emailing me at nadia [at]


Organizational Tools


Google Drive (free) is great way to organize your content because it SYNCS in real-time and on all your devices. That means I never have to worry about losing what I write AND I can work on my phone on-the-go too, which is great when in emergencies. I use it for spreadsheets for clients and speakers, to hold my client info, and so much more! Plus, it has a HUGE amount of storage and if you have a gmail account, you already have it FREE!

Google Calendar organizes my time. It’s linked to my scheduling software, as well. So, it’s relatively easy to keep you time organized. I’m just TERRIBLE at converting between timezones.

Pen & Paper is still a go-to for me. There’s a powerful connection to the simple act of writing things down. I write my daily to-do list by hand every single night. I just love that feel of crossing things off my list.


Website Tools


Elegant Themes (THIS IS VERY POWERFUL!) has a very diverse and highly customization theme called Divi. I have used this theme to create free mini-course pages, telesummit pages, webinar replay pages, and more! Really, this is the only website element you need to start off really well and not have to worry about a monthly fee. My favorite feature of this is the “Save to Library” feature. After I create a page with the drag+drop, I can save the template if I plan to use that style later, which I’ve done for telesummits and webinars loads of times.

Aweber is what I use to store my emails currently. This is how I build my tribe and email them about new free webinars, telesummits, and my products and services.


Project/Event Tools


Easy Webinar is the all-in-one solution to doing webinars! is what I used to record interviews with my experts. I have a PC and this has been the ONLY tool that works every time for me. I literally went through a dozen other software programs – none recorded properly – until I found this lovely solution.

Camtasia is what I use to edit all of my videos – from summits to webinars to videos in courses.


Connection Tools


vCita scheduler is what I use to schedule calls with clients. It syncs with my calendar, which sends me automatic reminders and reminders to my clients too.

Skype is an easy way to connect, especially with international contacts. Otherwise, you can rake up a HUGE phone bill!