The picture was old with a 7-member smiling family looking back. On the left, in a jean miniskirt and red tights, was a little girl. I knew that little girl well. I looked her in the eyes and realized how much I had betrayed her. I felt the tears fess up and fall.
That little girl, she was brave and bold and lived on the stories of heroes. And that’s all she wanted to be, a hero. She heard story after story of these them saving the world. She wanted to be a part of those stories.
She used to carry around a yellow memo pad and write stories of ancient times with her own heroes. She thought she could change the world with those words, just like how other stories had changed her heart and strengthened her resilience. But that yellow brick road turned dim. The brave little girl grew up and those dreams were tucked away into the back pocket of her mind.
Now, here she was, looking herself in the eye. Tears streaming down her face. So, she curled in bed and tried to reason with that little girl in the picture on why she had failed her, why she had betrayed her.
The little girl who wanted to write was instead taking a more realistic path. She’s not sure how that happened, but the words never left her. They’re something that can’t leave the body. They danced inside her and she couldn’t help but be flickered by their light. They tried calling her back, but she was too scared.
Until something happened that she did not intend and she was forced to face the little girl that wanted to save the world. And finally she listened. Finally, I listened. I gave myself permission to lead my own life and it’s been the most liberating thing I’ve ever done.
I’ve let the words take over and the stories spill. Through mentorship, instruction, and practice, I’ve built a business that caters words to businesses and tells their story. I help women make the impact they’ve wanted to give by putting them in alignment with their business and message.
It’s like any craft, it needs to be perfected. A message needs to be crafted precisely, a process which needs understanding of human psychology. Something you can’t fake, feign, or wing. It’s delicate.
I’ve had my moments of doubt and apprehension. They visit just as frequently as anyone’s demons. I get scared to work with some clients because I’m not sure my writing is up to par with their mission. I can get unsure and stiffen to the very idea of writing. This is why writing is the main thing I’ve set to drastically master this year.
My work isn’t just work to me. It’s my impact on the world. I help people’s dreams come true because in order to bring a dream into reality, you first have to name it to claim it. I assist my clients in that discovery process. Becoming a better writer means giving the best service, clarity, and exposure to the lovely ladies who invest in me. My business would truly reflect my purpose. I believe writing has dozens, if not hundreds, of facets that can be tinkered and tweaked with. I am determined to learn every angle in order to convey the perfect message for my clients. For this is my way of saving the world.
Now, I let the little girl reign. And this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life.