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The epitome of it all: Waking up to $1000’s of dollars of cash in your account. You made it in your sleep, of course, all through the awesome, high quality, products you sell online. Your workplace is anywhere you are and, right now, you’re in Madrid, Spain. “Why Hello, new day,” you say, “What’cha got for me!?”


The reality is: IT’S POSSIBLE. You think I’m crazy? I swear it is! It’s been done multiple times by multiple people. Who do you think the founders of Google, Facebook, and Instagram are? They’re digital entrepreneurs. You’ve already been lured into the world of digital entrepreneurship.


The catch? It’s a lot to learn, takes time to grow, and you need to fail a little before you succeed (usually). But, I mean, that’s the same with learning how to walk and you did that quite well, didn’t ya?


Business has evolved from the ol’ Ma and Pop shops. Internet and business have collided. I know what you might be thinking, “but only scammers do business online.” But, let’s think about it. There are scammers in traditional business too, aren’t there? Just like there are good and bad people in the traditional business world, there are good and bad people in the world of the internet.


So, business on the internet? Seems cool. But there are a few basic things you need to start a business:

  1. A solution to a problem. (ex. A solution to getting organized)
  2. A medium that contains that solution. (ex. An e-book)
  3. A place where customers can find your solution. (ex. your website)
  4. A way for people to pay you for that solution. (ex. Paypal)

The way you package those four points to your potential customers will determine your success. It’s as simple as that.


Now, how to do you tie your dream or passion into your business? You find a problem that needs solving in the area of your passion. Here’s an example:


In The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau, a man named Gary Leff is mentioned. He’s really good at figuring out how to take advantage of using his frequent flier miles to get trips for him and his family, a true travel hacker. Getting flier miles and using them are two completely different things, mind you. When his friends found out about his skill, they asked for his help. Being a good sport, he helped them out. Word spread. Now, Gary has a consulting business where he helps plan your trip with your own frequent flier miles. Guess how much he makes? He brought in $75,000 last year and is on track to top six figures annually. And it’s just his part-time gig, which he does for fun. He’s also a CFO for two university research centers. That’s multi-passionate.


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Have you ever had an idea to improve or alleviate a problem? Maybe even had the idea for a solution to something, but you later saw a company “copy” your idea? (When I was little, I thought erasable highlighters would be a great innovation, but a few months later I saw them in stores, ever have that experience? I felt like I got jipped.)


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