How You Can Really Make Money Online


Just like in the tangible world, the online world has plenty of scams. You know those pop-ups that bombard you saying you can make $500 in 20 minutes, sounds like a catch and it probably is. It makes you think making money online is a bunch of rubbish. But the truth is you really can make money online and there are plenty of ways to do it.


Allow me to list the ways:


Flipping Sites/Domains: This is the same thing as flipping houses, but with websites. You can buy a site and “fix it up” or build one yourself and then sell it for a larger sum. If you’re good, you can sell sites or domains for thousands to millions of dollars. Want to know some real amounts people sell their sites for, check out


App creation: iPhone and Android apps are starting to get pretty competitive, but you haven’t missed the boat yet. Build an app that people want and sell it and you could be easily make thousands of dollars. Do your research first though.


Advertisements: Another option is to put advertisements up on your online property, like your site. You can sell space individually to businesses or use Google’s Adwords. Depending on how many people go to your site, you could make a pretty dime.


Affiliate Marketing: This is something I do myself. It’s like getting credited for recommending a product to a friend. Basically, you refer someone to a product, and if they buy the product you get a commission. I made my first $100 online this way.


Selling Your Own Products/Services: Create a product or service and sell it online. You can build informational products or tangible products and sell them online. Or you can sell a service. I’m a copywriter and have a copywriting service that I offer. The trick here is making something people actually want to buy.


Those are a few ways to make money online. The more creatively helpful your approach, the more you’ll make. If you really want to make good money online, you really have to care about the people you are serving.


Want me to write an article on the specifics of how to get started on one of the above? Let me know in the comments. 


  • Ali

    There’s a lot of potential in these ideas. The one idea that I never “got” was domain-flipping. I’ve heard of SEOs making tons of money from it, but I think I honestly just don’t like SEO. I gave it a brief try when I first started getting into the technology field, and I learned that I detest building links, researching key words, and setting up PPC ads. I do all my SEO on the code end and use information architecture to get pages to rank. This process is a lot slower, but the results last much longer. (Something to investigate if that piques your curiosity?)

    At the same time, there are people who are incredibly passionate about domain-flipping and have made thousands of dollars from it. I would definitely read an article that recommended some domain-flipping “best practices” to better understand the perspective of entrepreneurs who are passionate about this venture. I also think there are people who want to start a home business but are clueless about what type of service they can offer to kick things off, and domain flipping could be a great idea for those people, like SAH moms, new grads who’ve been burned by this crappy job market, etc.

    You mentioned you do website analysis as well. So another thing that may be worth exploring in a future article is that venture, either as a “package deal” with copywriting or on its own. Between user testing, human-computer interaction analysis, content audits, code reviews, and more, there is so much money to be made. This is one a a couple things I specialize in. While there’s not a lot of demand for it in flyover country (which can be up to a decade behind the times, and that includes technology!), if you focus on coastal clients, especially those in the “tech hubs” of Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, and Brooklyn, NY, you can make some great money quickly.

    Finally, there is always the classic – as much as something that dates back to the 1990s could be called classic! – option of offering website design services. I’ve been following an entrepreneur in Philadelphia who teamed up with a web designer and they’re a professional “power couple,” offering affordable website re-designs with branding and copywriting included. This may also be something to explore as you grow your business.

    All the best,


    • Nadia

      Alison <3

      Yeah, I’ve been looking into ranking techniques for a while, haven’t found something that’s comfortable for me though. And yeah, I’m definitely not a PPC (at least for now). I’m an organic girl.

      Domain flipping is definitely interesting. I found it so interesting that one of the well known Muslim scholars, Yusuf Estes, flips domains himself. I was shocked, “OH MY GOD, he’s a tech-junkie like me!” totally went through my mind.

      And I’ll definitely keep a mental note of those ideas.

      Much Love,

  • Isabelle

    Could you expand more on affiliate marketing and connecting with likeminded companies that pertain to your blog or writing? :)

  • AffinityX

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