How Viciously Do You Unsubscribe From Email Lists?

After working with a lot of holistic health and wellness coaches, I’ve noticed a lot of what they’re offering is very similar. It’s my job to go in and help them differentiate themselves by letting their true voice shine through. That way, they’re able to connect with the people they’re meant to serve AND the people who will let them do their BEST work.

I also always tell them the importance of creating a unique world for their community – and when I say community, I mean subscribers (aka their tribe).

Just think for a second. How viciously do you unsubscribe from email lists? Your inbox is flooding and you’re waiting for a reason to unsubscribe from a list. Am I right? I just purged my inbox from unwanted subscriptions that were flooding my inbox at a rate of 20-30 emails a day. I successfully unsubscribed to 140+ lists! My God, it’s now a pleasure to check my email.

What happens when someone has an itch to unsubscribe and the next email they open is yours?

What are you offering up that makes your subscriber say, “Yeah, they’re worth it.”

Because if you don’t have something good for them, than you’ve probably noticed your subscriber numbers dwindling away.

It’s time to ask yourself: How am I serving them? How am I making them feel like a zillion bucks? What’s something I could give away for free that they would easily pay me for? How am I making the subscriber experience VIP and exclusive?

Those are just a few questions to help you brainstorm. I have exact solutions for you below and if you’re a health coach, you definitely want to check it out!

Ways a health coach can spoil their list:

  • A week’s worth of healthy recipes that you can actually afford
  • 5 Healthy Dessert Recipes
  • A Mantra or Manifesto that highlights you values
  • A guided mediation (audios, worksheets, videos) that help motivate people to instill healthy values in their life
  • A mental routine that will help them make the shift to holistic health
  • An interview series with industry peeps
  • An exact step-by-step blueprint on how to implement a daily exercise routine in their life
  • A pdf of the game-changing nuggets that had the most impact on your clients, using their specific quotes.
  • Audios that help work through a problem with a client
  • A recorded conference call
  • A worksheet or workbook that will give them some kind of mental shift or allow them to plan out something they want, for example how to identify your personal blockages that are stopping you from being holistically healthy.
  • I know someone who actually sends people a REAL workbook + CD in the mail to ALL their subscribers.

All these examples can be tweaked to fit whatever type of business you’re running.

By the way, did I mention a subscriber exclusive VIP experience? On December 18th, I’ll be having an awesome conference call. Keep a look out for the sign-up page.

Which goodie did you pick to spoil your list with? Let me know in the comments. Hit me with questions if you have ‘em.


  • Susan Langford Wehus

    Thanks so much for this Nadia, as a newbie Health Coach trying to have a voice it can be a little daunting. I know that it’s so important to be ‘uniquely you’ but some how it seems to be easier said then done :).

    • Nadia Chaudhry

      Thank YOU! Your comment gives me a great idea about something I can create for my subscribers too! Glad I inspired you too! <3

  • Chivon John

    This is very timely Nadia as I was thinking about new ways to engage my list. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Nadia Chaudhry

      No problem! I hope you create some amazing gear for them! <3

  • Mia Davis

    I agree with Chivon! This is very timely! I’m launching a new health + wellness site in spring and many of these ideas are a great way I can engage my list now and offer something valuable. Thanks Nadia!

    • Nadia Chaudhry

      Thank you. I’m so glad you liked the post + excited about what you’ll make for your subscribers. :)