The other week, I met a woman business owner who had her own children’s boutique. She told me she had recently held a giveaway. And guess what? She didn’t collect any emails, which gave her no way to contact them after the giveaway. I LOVE helping people with their business strategy. So naturally, I suggested that for next time she should do just that. I’ll tell you exactly what I told her, but first let me break this down for you so you can understand why having an email list is just as valuable for an offline business as it is for an online business.

Your customers have an email address. You should probably get it.

It’s kind of hard to understand why you need/want/should be on the internet when you own a brick and mortar business. Well, let me tell you why: Your customers probably have an email address. If your customer has an email address, then you should be capturing them and adding them to your list. It’s just like getting their address to send the promotions, but this way is a little more merciful to your wallet.

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So, why do you want emails? You want them because you’ll be able to send a little wave of hello to them so they don’t forget about you in the midst of the louder F21 and Charming Charlies out there. Because yes, your business is competing for the same brain space those stores are competing for. And you want them to think of YOU first when they get that burning desire to buy a new necklace or ethereal skirt. THAT’S when email comes in handy.

So, this is what I told her…

If you’re a retailer, this is a breakdown for you to hold a giveaway that collects emails to your list (luckily, this is also can be applied for an online business too, like the one I’m doing right here!):

  1. Select an item for the giveaway that is mid-price to high-priced in comparison to the other products you sell or something that is really popular.
  2. Organize the giveaway online via a platform like contestdomination.com (which I’m currently using for my own copywriting giveaway).
  3. Launch it both online + offline by sending the link to your family and friends.
  4. Also launch it IN YOUR STORE! Have a computer open in a secure spot to get people to sign up for the giveaway in your store.
  5. Let all your foot traffic know about it and get them on the list! If they’re there now, they will definitely want to come again if they had the right incentive.
  6. Get ready to email ‘em. Once the giveaway is over, announce the winner. Then, send them strategic emails to create buzz around your business whenever you like. Check the download to get a list of ideas of what to email your list once it starts building!

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