I admit it. I had just drifted back to the conversation completely clueless as to what this financial planner was saying. Oh my GOD, what is she talking about? Now, I have to figure out what’s going on. She was sweet and nice, but the damage had been done. My eyes had slipped into glazed-over mode when she was talking about what she did. It’s bad and terrible. I know! I’m not proud of it. I just didn’t understand what anything she said had to do with me… Has something like this ever happened to you?

Have you ever had your eyes glaze over on someone?

Or maybe you’ve had other people glaze over on you! (Ouch!) You’ve seen someone’s eyes unblinking, glistening a bit too bright, while you’re speaking. They’re fidgeting and their gaze drifts left and right. Sucks, right?

I’ve noticed this happening a lot, especially when I talk to financial planners and lawyers! Girl, you gotta break that ish down! Because I have a spread sheet and I know how to use it, so why do I need you?! Make me understand what you do and make it short and sweet. Talk to me like you would a girlfriend. Okay fine, I’ll ease up. Don’t worry too much, I got just the thing to remedy this situation.

Introduce yourself in a way that’s fun and engaging

Let’s face it. Most people don’t understand what you can do for them. Here’s why you’re causing Glazed-Over-Eyes Syndrome:

  1. You’re not breaking down your lingo!
  2. You focus on discussing your role, instead of how their life will be easier with your help.

Those are two huge pieces right there. I feel many people understand it, but few implement.

Now, here’s a quick and easy solution to this problem! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the:

The Buttoned Up, But BLAZING Intro

Buttoned up because it’s nice, clean, and brief. BLAZING because it’s hot. Hotter than hot. Let’s identify a way to talk about what you do more pleasantly, clearly and drool-worthy. Yes?! Okay.

First, figure this stuff out.

We’ll use a financial planner as an example:

  1. (W) Who do you help?
  2. Ex. Women Business Owners

  3. (X) What problems are they facing? What’s making them suffer? What’s making them lose sleep (what are the actual thoughts running through their mind)?
  4. Ex. Financial problems like spending more than they have, racking up credit card debt, sitting on student loan debt, planning for their first child, transitioning to early retirement, and handling a records sales year.

    They’re suffering from anxiety, stress, worry, and confusion.

    They’re losing sleep because they can’t figure it out. They’re always finding a new piece to the equation.

  5. (Y) How do you help them?
  6. Ex. I help them come up with a plan of action.

  7. (Z) Now, what would their life be like if their problem was solved?

    Ex. They’d finally have peace of mind knowing what they’re doing gives them the best advantages and benefits.

  8. Here’s the script:

    I help (W) who are struggling with (X) by (Y) so that they can (Z).

    Now, let’s plug it in and spruce it up.

    I help women business owners who are lost in a sea of financial problems map out a course of secret shortcuts to the best benefits and the most money to secure their future, instead of just leaving it to the wind.

    Here’s another example for kicks, featuring yours truly:

    I help women entrepreneurs who are struggling to sell their products and services by writing web copy that acts as their own personal sales person that’s 24/7 pitching their goods to anyone who stops by their digital storefront, all so that they can make more money and have more free time.

    Can you see the magic piece?

    Analogies (a comparison made to show a similarity). Analogies can be your BFF! Why? Because you’re talking to them with references/things/situations/people that are familiar to them. It puts an elephant-sized meaning in a peanut. And that makes a first-class intro. (See what I did there?)

    Hint: If you want to come up with a good analogy, first write down what you do in general terms. Then, brainstorm a bunch of similar situations that your dream client knows intimately and use the best one!

    The great thing about this is you’ll no longer be scrambling to explain anything. You’ll have a hot + sexy way to talk about what you do that CURES Glazed-Over-Eyes Syndrome! No prescription necessary. But if you like this post, a subscription might be required! (Haha. I’m lame, but I love it.)

    Now, why don’t you make some magic with “The Buttoned Up, But BLAZING Intro”? SHARE IT BELOW. Then, get out there and make ‘em fall in love with you! Plug ‘n play, baby.