I am obsessive.

The good kind of obsessive.

I love to know how things work, how to become more skilled, and how to master even the simplest of things. I study marketing, psychology, spirituality, and even social skills to become a better person.

Yes, social skills.

I don’t know why everyone is weirded out by that one, but apparently that’s the case for trying to to master one of the most powerful ways to gain success in all areas of your life (yeah – get on it).


It’s all based on my belief that almost everything is a learnable skill, which means you can become better at it. So, why not try?

But sometimes, I’m too obsessive and focus on multiple areas at the same time. I’ll focus on copywriting, social skills, and marketing strategies all at the same time. And when that happens, I don’t make much progress in each field.

And that’s a problem when we as humans like to see results sooner, rather than later.

Focusing on one thing at a time keeps us motivated because we can see our improvement easily.

In fact, it’s recommend to focus on building one skill or habit at a time. Otherwise, you might be tempted to fall off the wagon because you just can’t take the pressure of it all.

So, you gotta be the good kind of obsessive.

As much as you can immerse yourself in the topic, do it.

That means altering your reality and making it all about what you want to learn:

  • Find mentors in your industry to learn from and connect with them.
  • Subscribe to podcasts that talk about what you want to learn (maybe even with said mentors).
  • Get audio programs to dive deeper into the material.
  • Read books on your topic.
  • Follow leaders in the field on Facebook, Instagram, and ask them questions via Twitter.
  • Implement, practice, implement, practice.


Get obsessed and you’ll find yourself with more and more knowledge.

Pretty soon, you’re the one everyone goes to when they have a question about your topic.

What topic are you going to master? Think I missed a few methods to become the best?