“I love Grey’s Anatomy because it makes me cry.”

When I said this to my friend, she laughed. And then, I laughed.

It’s ridiculous, but couldn’t be more true for the day and age we live in. Today, we live in a society that craves to be entertained. We want to feel deeper emotions than the ones we are feeling in our day to day lives.

The online message boards call this phenomenon, “the feels.” (If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you know this intimately.)

When something emotional happens on a show, Twitter blows up with phrase like, “Oh, the feels!”

Now, I don’t know what this says about society.

But I do know what this says in terms of your business.

If you want people to like you, to care about your mission, and love what you’re all about, you gotta make them get the “feels.”

Want to know a huge part of that?

It’s got to do with your brand storytelling, how your mission connects to the greater human experience, and how to get that into your copy.

When you’re able to do that, you walk on the same branch as a show that has emotional impact like Grey’s Anatomy. And once people care about you – feel something good or impactful when they interact with your brand – they are going to support your next endeavor, however they can.

And that kind of influential connection can really make the kind of impact you’re meaning to make on the world.

You can learn so many lesson about marketing with what’s popular today – T.V., movies, and entertainment in general.

It’s All Tied to the Way You Tell the Story of Your Brand

Stories make people feel, gets people invested, and inspires them to take action to support it, whether that’s continuing to watch a show or buying a product or service.

And that can happen to your business if you learn how to tap into the power of story. What kind of story are you telling your audience, from beginning to end?

Follow the Journey Your Dream Customer or Client Makes

A brand’s story is not just about delivering a product or story. It starts from the very first interaction you have with them that leaves an impression. That can be an ad online or by featured on another website. Then, it continues to their interaction with your website, your newsletter, your blog posts and insider content, your offers, your actual products and services, your follow up, and even how you treat them after your work together.

How are you doing in each chapter of your story? Notice some places that need to be developed?

Rewrite the story of your business.

And create an epic experience.