A chic, classy office.

It’s what every lady entrepreneur craves – especially the home-based biz owners like me. White, gold, black, with killer decor, and cute office supplies. Sunlight streaming through the window and lighting up our reading nook.

Maybe your version is a bit different, but either way, I’m obsessed with the idea.

And going pinterest-crazy to boot.

But for the past 2 years, I’ve been moving from table to table from my bedroom to my living room to do my work. I’ve been waiting for the perfect room to create my Queen-styled office. But in order for that to happen, I’d have to do some costly renovation to my home to incorporate an office on my second floor. And here’s the kicker, I only way wanted to do this for one reason and one reason only: I “NEEDED” natural sunlight streaming through my window or I’d die.

But 2 years later, that’s not actually true.

And here’s the compromise: my office is in the basement.

Yes, I have a perfectly fine room in my basement that I’ve been ignoring for 2 years. Plus, there’s a whiteboard already hitched to the wall, which helps so much when I plan copy or anything for my business! It’s been completely unnecessary for me to think I need to redesign the layout of my entire house to just draw open a curtain.

It’s just a room right now, with a desk, and an already-there whiteboard, (plus, a heater because it’s freaking cold in my basement). But that’s enough for me. It’s actually perfect right now.

I’d rather have this than be stuck in the waiting-for-perfection phase.

I’m sure you’ve found yourself in that spot, maybe you’re in it right now with something else besides your own personal office. For me, I was stuck thinking I needed it MY WAY. But there are multiple ways your goal can be fulfilled.

And it’s your job to find those ways and see which one is really, truly, best for you.

Reimagine Your Goals, Unlock Your Thought Potential and Get Unstuck

Good things come in threes, right? Train yourself to think of three different ways you can accomplish the same goal. When you start seeing and thinking in this way with everything, your world starts to change and become more abundant.


Because you’re seeing multiple possibilities for yourself and opening up your journey to different, probably simpler, paths to your goal. When you’re able to pick the easier path for every goal, saving you time and effort, you accomplish so much more, faster.

And who doesn’t want to whip through their yearly goal list?!

That’s the power of multiple ways of thinking.

So, if you have only thought of ONE plan for each of your goals, then that’s a sign that you need to practice this. Because you might be waiting for perfection (like I did for 2 years), when your solution is right under your nose (or in your basement).

Reimagine your goals and you’ll be surprised at what new paths you can create for yourself and still get what you want. Seriously though, take out a piece of paper and for your most important goal right now, what are THREE DIFFERENT ways it can happen?

In the meantime, I’m working on getting my office chic (starting with coasters if you can believe it).

I’ll be sharing that interior design journey on Instagram and Pinterest.

So, follow me here (Instagram) and here (Pinterest).

But what really matters is that I’m doing great work in here.

Holla if you feel me.