Each new task feels like adding another burden on your back. Another chore, a bit more pain, mega anxiety. Don’t even get me started on the panic attacks. As soon as one deed is done, another is dealt your way. It just never seems to be enough.
What if you could feel as if you’re at the top of your game, on top of the world! The “burdens” become beautiful and exhilarating challenges that you get to add to your arsenal of awesomery. Yes, you’re that audacious!
What if I all you have to do to make that change is honor your past?
I recently had the displeasure of having my past life call back to me. The people in my old life thought I was still in the rut that they helped me into. And when I realized this, I laughed myself to sleep thinking that I had escaped a world of wires that they were still caught in. (It’s a shame though really.)
It made me see how far I’d come.
I have learned that you must be in a constant celebration of yourself. Look back and see when you did something good and blow it up in your mind. Tell yourself, “Holy crap, I am freaking awesome for doing/thinking/being that.”
No matter how small of a step you’ve made, honor it. Respect it. Alas, small steps are the only thing that really change us into who we want to be.
It’s about being proud of where you came from, where you been, where you fell, where you rose. You have to give yourself credit because it’s easier, funner, and a more beautiful process to add to the wealth of your being. Rather than pulling yourself down further by seeing only the negativity, only the burdens, only the pain. Give credit to your progress. It’ll be easier to do even more for yourself after that.

What have you yet to honor and give yourself credit for?