When you have that feeling in your heart and in your mind, it’s quite overwhelming. The most ridiculous grin is stuck on your face, you heart races, your skin tingles, your mind fires from one thought to the other, you’re not exactly sure how you’re breathing… For me, I even giggle hysterically. That’s how I am when I think about my business. Oh and yes, I’m a crazy person and love every second of it.


Oh, what you thought I was going to admit a secret love, pah!


Now, it’s time to turn the tables. Is what I’ve just described how you feel when you think about your career? Is that how you feel when you think about your job? If the answer is yes, you’re a lucky duck.


If the answer is “no.” …Well, then why are you doing it? I mean I know I give a lot of backlash for professional schools, like being a doctor, only because I almost tricked myself into thinking that’s what I really wanted. When I realized it was NOT what inspired me and made me feel (yes) giddy, I knew I would last through it. But it wasn’t until four years of my undergraduate career for me to make the promise to myself to pursue only the things which inspired me.


When you’re on this side, you can see so much more. What I thought was once impossible became a shrug of …eh it’s probable, I can do it. I’ve promised myself to serve people, in the way I can do it best. It gives me the greatest fulfillment.


If you’ve gotten this far in my post, I HAVE to assume you want more from life. So, let’s do something, eh?


Carve out 1 hour from your week.


My journey into online entrepreneurship happened on a whim, with small increments of time I happened to have found myself dedicating to it. If you didn’t realize, by you reading this, you’re exactly where I was over a year ago. Because, yes, it took me a year to take the plunge. It’s scary, thrilling, and some people think you’re an idiot, like sky-diving.


Carve out one hour from your week and dedicate to figuring out what you would do, IF YOU BY CHANCE, wanted to start an online business. Just an hour a week to ruminate on it and mull it over. This means no T.V., no computer, only a pen and a notebook to write some ideas out. If you need some help figuring out what you like, love, or are interested in then just get my “Spark Your Goals” guide by signing up for updates.


Do it.


Pick the one hour, right now. Sunday’s from 1-2? Thursdays from 6-7? Carve it out now. Remind yourself my setting an alarm on your phone or sticking a piece of paper on the wall saying, “Taking a Risk on Myself.”


Always, remember it’s the sum of SMALL STEPS that make the journey. And enjoy each foot forward.


Now, what do you have to say about this? What’s your carved out time? What day of the week is it? Let me know, below!