(Case Study) How to get more friends and influencers to spread the word about your new product/service?


You’ve taken a long time to create, build, and develop your new program, product, or service. You’ve cracked down on the structure, the copy, and the look to perfection. Now, you need to share it. But you freeze, because you don’t know what to do.

Somehow, you have to spread the word. How do you reach out? Sometimes, all you need to do is ask the friends and influencers you know. BUT, there’s another piece you have to do. You gotta make it easy for them!

Tweet this: Sometimes, all you gotta do is ask (but also make it easy for them)!

Here’s a not-so-good example of what someone sent me to spread the word about her offering:


It’s not bad, but her approach could be improved. The problem is that she required me to spend some extra time to come up with something to spread the word for her. I told myself I’d get to it later, but by the time I remembered and opened up the email again, I realized I missed the window to help her!

If you’re just asking for a shout out, don’t ask the person to think! Do the thinking for them! (Conveniently, that’s another important piece in copywriting)

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This is what I sent to spread the word about it.


I even included a click to tweet link to make it all the more easier for them.

The result?


Whether you’re asking someone to feature you on social media or email, send them a quick note and do all the work and thinking for them.

Write out the email for them.

Write out the social media blasts for them.

Send them the image to share.

Let them only answer whether or not they want to help you and you’ll see a huge difference in responses.

Which of your programs are you going to use this technique on? Did you find this helpful? Let me know in the comments below.


  • http://JacquelineFairbrass.com/ Jacqueline Fairbrass

    Love your common sense approach Nadia.

    • http://www.nadiachaudhry.com Nadia

      Thank you, Jacqueline! <3 That really what business is!

    • Nadia Chaudhry

      Thank you, Jacqueline! <3