Business Really is Just a Love Story – and with any relationship, it’s best not to forget showing it


We’ve all heard this version of a marriage: The falling in love part was magical, but when they got married, they became too comfortable. He didn’t try as hard to surprise her with love like the way he used to. She didn’t try as hard enough to make him happy. And they just grew apart.

In marriage, you have to keep wooing your spouse. And likewise, in business, you have to keep wooing your audience. You can’t take them for granted or they’ll file for divorce.

Tweet it! In business, you have to keep wooing your audience. You can’t take them for granted or they’ll file for divorce.

My Giveaway Taught Me a Great Lesson About Business Love

A giveaway is a chance to reach out to more people about you and your business. It was my first time implementing a real marketing strategy for a large group of people, instead of for just individuals. Obviously, I wanted to make it a success. So, I focused on how to introduce it to more people. I focused on spreading the word and getting as many people I could into the giveaway.

And that’s when I made a huge mistake: I was paying attention to the numbers only. And I began to notice that it affected my mood and my body. I began to grow weary and tired a week and a half into the giveaway. I was getting stressed out more often and had to deal with a lot more anxiety than I was used to. I realized something was wrong. I knew I had to pull myself back and see what went wrong.

I realized I should’ve been focusing on the LOVE factor and my act of generosity.

I got caught up in the numbers and made them my top priority, instead of making my PEOPLE my top priority. Now, I’m not an extreme woo-woo kind of person. But I do understand how empowered you become when you’re coming from a place of generosity, love, and kindness AND why that’s SO essential in business.

When you do something with sincerity, you can feel it in yourself and others can feel it to. The goodness and positive intention fuels you and let’s you last longer, reach more people, and get more than you anticipated than if you were focused on superficial factors. And the same is true for the opposite. When you do something just for the money or the numbers, you can feel that desperation in yourself and everybody else can sense it a mile away too! You feel icky, they feel icky. It’s just an ick-fest. And no one likes working with those type of people.

When you find yourself drifting to the dark side, just re-shift yourself. Always refocus on WHY you’re doing something.

I had forgotten the most important thing about business. It’s about keeping it human. So, I reevaluated. I didn’t have to end my giveaway, I just had to reset my intention and keep on truckin’.

Growing a business shares the same principles as any other relationship.

I asked myself: How can I be more generous? What can I do that’s over-the-top awesome JUST for them? How can I woo my people? How can I make their jaws drop? How can I make them have an exclusive, VIP experience? How can I make them feel special?

Love grows your business and I knew I needed to express more of that love. I re-evaluated and focused on giving value and I reminded myself of my purpose: that I’m here to help women get in touch with their voice and give them the ability to share it online!

With that realization, I knew I needed to give even more to cement that re-shift in my mind.

So, I gave away 3 more spots. I doubled my giveaway. Instead of just giving away $2,000, I gave away $4,000 worth of my services.

If you find yourself feeling tired and worn-out, try doing a re-shift. Ask yourself WHY you’re doing this and how you can make it even more irresistible.

I know your mind is tingling. One of the first steps to take action is to share it with world. Why don’t you go ahead and tell me in what ways can you add more LOVE to your business? Tell me in the comments below! GO!


  • Jacqueline Fairbrass

    Great blog. Focus on how to be of service and not how to grow your numbers. It’s so much lighter and more fun. I’m adding more love to my business by reminding myself ‘how can I be of service’ as I start with each client. Shapes how I coach.

    • Nadia Chaudhry

      It shapes how you coach, as well as how you evolve as a coach. I love that your reminder is small, but will create a huge shift over time! <3