Dreamers, Wanderers, Lost Souls

The common world was never meant for us.

Time to invent our own rules.


Welcome to the New World.


For those who aren’t satisfied with sitting back.
For those seeking more from life.
For those who want passion jolted into their body.
Time to wake up and do that great Work.
Because we were meant for more.


I’ve always been a believer of being true to yourself and expressing that to the world. We rarely see people that own who they are, especially the weird stuff about ourselves. I went through fire and torment to figure out how to be ME and own my silly, mischievous, whimsical, and a bit kooky self.

Nadia Chaudhry

Now, I help other women entrepreneurs unapologetically express their truest selves and illuminate their business through soul-awakening copywriting as the Word Archer. I’m pretty much a madwoman with a pen.


As a Business Secret Agent, I am set to wake-up dazed trailblazers that could never find their own space in the world and unleash their fire. Because it’s all about becoming the hero of your own story.


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I’ll admit it, I gave up.


I gave up on the idea that I could be happy by being what everyone else wanted me to be. I gave up on the idea that I could NOT do whatever I wanted to do. I gave up on the idea that things would work themselves out, without trying to fix it myself. I gave up on the idea that there were rules to follow. I gave up on the idea of settling.


I spent the last four years pursuing a degree in a subject that I no longer want to pursue. I thought I wanted to become a doctor. Not even that, I knew I didn’t. I just didn’t know what else to do. At least, in the midst of all of it, I realized this and chose to add on a second major in English, which I am so grateful for.


As a Muslim, or anyone coming from a more traditional culture, becoming a doctor, engineer, or lawyer is seen as the only admirable occupation. And I get it, it’s great. But alongside that, there’s such a great discouragement of the pursuit of anything else.


I’ve seen firsthand the results of the pressures of society and the great unhappiness it causes. I don’t want that for myself. I refuse it. I’m not settling.


People don’t want to settle for the people they marry. It’s the same idea. I am not settling for my career. I want my dreams realized. Our life is short, what’s the point of living a way you don’t want to actually live?


How could a little Muslim girl be so fierce? First, I’m not that little. I’m like 5’4″ or something. That’s pretty tall for a brown girl.


I know how to be fierce because I know exactly what it’s like to be a rebel. I know what it’s like to go against the grain and unshackle myself from cultural expectations.


You see, I pursued medicine for a long time, because it was culturally expected of me. One of the three “holy” professions: Law, Medicine, Engineering.


Not like literally holy, just the only things thought of as proper and accepted by my culture. I had to clarify that because some people think being Muslim means I can’t be sarcastic, which leads to some pretty awkward moments because I’m pretty sarcastic. Oh and one more thing, religion and culture are completely different. Coolness?


So there I am in my 4-year undergraduate career, drumming along, doing pretty good (if I do say so myself), and heading towards graduation. I think to myself, “OH EM GEE, I’m almost finished.”


I don’t actually say “Oh, Em, Gee” in my head…


It hit me. I still had to do ANOTHER 4 years of schooling and then MORE on top of that… For the REST of my life… That means no spontaneity, no true passion, just blatant work… And I really wanted to do some crazy athletic stuff in my lifetime, like sky diving, walking the Great Wall, cave diving. I wanted that to be my everyday. So…


Sayonara medicine. And that’s how medicine and I broke up. It wasn’t me, it was him.


Along the way, I think a part of me realized that, which is why I picked up a second major in English.



I wanted to make hearts flutter. I wanted to make pulses race. I wanted to make tears flow. Words are powerful enough to do that, didn’t you know? Yes, you can confirm here that I’m crazypants.


Now, it’s not as easy to change course. It was like changing my own DNA, it’s rewiring my brain, it’s ignoring the ugly comments people make…

Being who you are. It’s a simple thing that’s so hard to do. With my copywriting, I give other women the help and support to be their authentic self and OWN who they are.


I realized so many women out there want to make an impact in the world. They want to make an impact that sends ripples of positive energy into the world. They want to help other women overcome their struggle. They want women to feel strong again. They want to love every moment of it and they want to live each moment with that hardcore love.


I wanted to be a part of that her story. I wanted her to embrace her truest self and deliver her to the world. So, I did.




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