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Boss lady. That’s who they know you as. You have a soul-centered, revolutionary business that’s changing the world. You’ve fought and won countless battles against the stereotypes, the nay-sayers, and especially your own dark demons.

And now you’re ready to become an authority in your industry.

And that means setting yourself apart by changing the way you speak about yourself. There is something about you that makes you different from anyone else doing what you do – from anyone else who has ever existed, for that matter. It’s about time you let go of the message everyone else is using and find your own voice.

Discover what makes you stand out.
Attract your dream clients and customers.
Make the money and impact you were born to make.
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Why Your Personal Story Can Be The BIGGEST Game-Changer in Your Business

Are you running your business in silence? Behind closed doors? Curtains drawn?

What I mean is – Are you the only point of contact where a potential client can go to truly understand your work? If so, that’s a big no-no. Because that means if you aren’t working it, no one and nothing else is either! So, you always have to be ON. But that’s not why you became an entrepreneur, you wanted freedom. Right? That’s why you should put a few elements into play that work as hard as you do – without you even having to be there…

You’re more than “WHAT” you do

You might have a website site, but the content mutes your vision. It only scratches the surface of what you’re all about. You know your vision goes deeper, yet you run your business as if it’s okay to keep it quiet (HINT: IT’S NOT OKAY!).

I want you to take a second and think of the last few experts you hired or courses you bought… How many of them did you buy immediately? Zero to a few. How many of them did you spend time following online before you took an action? Until you felt a strong connection to them and their offering, I’m sure.

Now, how do you expect people to hire you if the core meaning of what you do is a secret? (HINT: THEY WON’T)

The Entrepreneur’s Journey is a Hero’s Journey

By definition, entrepreneurs put themselves through lot. For us, it’s more about the experience than anything else. To be able to say – NO – to just be able to know that we set out for our dreams turns our blood into liquid gold.

I’m sure you’ve fought through obstacles, doubts, and the ever-present, always shifting naysayer who pops up.

But you understand. You understand your passion and your journey. And why you need to see it through.

But there’s a disconnect, isn’t there? 

The passion in your heart is strong, but translating that passion can sometimes be tricky.

But it shouldn’t be. You have a love so great for what you do, but maybe you can’t put it into words. And that’s a HUGE problem. Your website can be a 24/7 sales rep either working for you or against you. How’s anyone supposed to begin to understand the power of YOU doing YOUR work if you don’t know how to get the message out there in a clear, concise way?

Trick question. No one’s going to understand.

Because when people don’t understand something, they dismiss it and eventually forget it. And no, they don’t dig deeper to really discover you and take the time to figure  you out like you think they will. Because they have dinner to make, a good friend to catch up with, or even that Youtube video of dogs who are afraid of the house cat.

That’s why you need to make that passion center stage in all of the messaging that you do. That means, clear language in conversation, speeches, videos, and of course – my expertise – the written word. Each realm of communication has its own approach. But there’s one thing that can work throughout that will really move and inspire people. It’s your story.

Your Personal Story Can Game-Change Your Biz in TWO Major Ways

There’s power in your personal story and getting clear on it means understanding the driving forces in your life. I’m not talking just people, but beliefs. There’s a really great quote from Simon Sinek that goes like this:

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.” – Simon Sinek, Author of Start With Why

People are attracted to people who believe what they believe. Which brings me to my first point: When you’re able to clearly express yourself, people can truly (and finally) listen. That means they have a chance to connect to you, instead of dismissing you. They’ll connect to your WHY. Then guess what happens? The people who resonate with your message get curious about you and give you a chance to earn their trust.  That begins a powerful journey that can led to sales for you and a dramatic positive change in their life with your work.

But what’s even more powerful is what I personally experienced when I first got clear and what I continue to experience as I gain more clarity. And that leads me to the second point to why your personal story can be a HUGE game-changer in your business: Clarity leads to confidence.

I personally believe that clarity is the first step to a breakthrough of any kind. It’s not magic, it’s just the way the world works. The more clarity you have around something, the closer you get to it.

When you’re clear about your message, you become confident. And a confident entrepreneur is hard to stop.

If you choose to work on your message, you attract the people who will get you and YOU will have a bulletproof confidence in the real power of your work. I see a lot of entrepreneurs who are NOT clear and consequently are NOT confident in their work. They are embarrassed to step up and don’t offer services when they know they can help, they’re afraid to ask for the sale, and they’re afraid to own their genius because they might offend somebody. Ultimately, they think their work isn’t as important as it truly can be.

And that’s what kills business.

But when you’re confident, your KNOW your value. You aren’t afraid to offer your solutions, not afraid to ask for the sale, and definitely not afraid of offending anyone. You become an unstoppable force of momentum in your business.

So, do you plan on continuing to silently kill your business.

Or are you ready to wield your story and speak your truth?

The choice is up to you.

And if you’re ready to use the power of your personal story, apply for a FREE session with me here.

Let Go of the Invisible Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

Money Memories

You can feel the weight of a watch when you put it on in the morning. But in a matter of an hour or less, you forget that it’s there.

That’s exactly what it’s like with our limiting beliefs about life, money, love, and relationships.

Eventually, we may forget we have these beliefs, but they’re always there. And they have the power to jeopardize your future.

Recently, I confronted some of my money memories.

Everyone has money stories. They are incidents or events relating to money that becomes the definition of your relationship with money. It’s the stuff that happened in the past that affects how we deal with our money today.

I knew I had to let these stories go to make way for more money in my life.

Here’s what I did: You write it all out. (I had 116 memories) Every money memory you have that left you feeling angry, resentful, or ashamed. Then, cross out each one saying “I forgive you. I’m sorry. And I love you.” I added the extra step of burning the list. Just to make the release final (plus it was super fun). This little exercise lets you confront those beliefs and let ‘em go. It’s what us crazy entrepreneurs do to make way for more money.

It was pretty cool and by the end of it, you do feel a huge sense of relief. And definitely feel WAY lighter.

(My family definitely freaked out because of the burning smell.)

Try out this exercise for anything you feel you need to forgive in your life and let go of. It doesn’t have to be money – it can be about your friendships, relationships, family, love, career, even your own self-worth.

Let it go.

Or let it control you.

It’s on you.


A Foolproof Way to Talk and Write About What You Do With Clarity

Have you ever tried to explain your favorite show to someone who’s never heard of it before?

“It’s about a human-looking alien in a flying phone box who travels through space and time.”

Look in the mirror. That’s the face people might give you when you talk or write about what you do.

The message you have is powerful, but if you don’t know how to share it, few people will care and even less will want to buy from you.

The problems is you might explain what you do as if everyone already knows what the hell is going on. You might even act like the knowledge you’ve spent years to build is common sense, when it’s anything BUT (exactly why it took you YEARS to learn it all).

When you speak with the words only experts in your industry understand, it’ll go over your dream client’s’ heads. And that’s no way to draw them to you. You may as well be speaking Mandarin.

The journey of a 1000 miles does NOT begin with your 1000th step. The process of your work does NOT begin at step 10. Stop. Go back to step 1 because that’s likely where your dream client is. Remember where you started and dumb it down for them.

Let me show you a fun way to do this…

Kidnapping A Child Can Help You Own Your Message*

If you really want to own your message, it’s time to break it down to the basics.

The easiest way to do that is to find a child of around the age of 8-10 years old (please don’t actually kidnap a child, borrow with permission). Explain what you do to them until they understand.

It might take a bit of time to explain it, but the words you use that click with that 8 year old are the ones you should be using on your website and with your clients. I’m not saying your clients are dumb, but no one wants to get help with the language of Nietzsche. I recommend recording it with your phone or taking notes while you’re talking to your borrowed child (again, with permission and a parent).

So tell me, who’s the 8 year old you’re going to borrow for this little experiment? What do you expect from this experience? Let me know in the comments.

*Please don’t actually kidnap a child. Borrow with permission while the parents are there.


How to “Keep Daring” and ACTUALLY Accomplish Your Goals in 2015

I’m sure you’ve set huge goals for yourself for 2015. BIG, beautiful, magical goals. But if you aren’t breaking them down into bite-size chunks, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Most of us write down our goals on a piece of paper and then have no clue how to act on them. Whether it’s losing weight, getting fit, making more money, or changing your lifestyle, you need to have an action plan.

Create an Action Plan Around Your Goals

The first thing is to know which ONE goal is the one that’s really going to change your life the MOST. Some people call it a trigger goal or a push goal. It’s the thing that’s going to allow you to accomplish a lot of your other goals. For most people, that’s a financial goal. Once you have money, you’re able to travel more or buy your dream car – which might be other goals on your list.

The second thing is to START! Dabble in it so it doesn’t seem impossible to you. Maybe you want to start yoga. Pull up a video online RIGHT NOW and try a single move. Maybe a headstand against a wall – working on this one myself.

The third thing is to break your goals into phases. I like to call them DARES. Because it makes it more exciting and challenges you, instead of intimidating you. Now that you have a taste from starting, structure your achievement of the full goal.

How to “Keep Daring” and ACTUALLY Accomplish Your Goals in 2015

Daring has been such a thrilling element for me in my life. I always tell my friends, “Be careful what you dare me to do, I’ll probably do it.” Most don’t expect me to actually do the dare, but once I’m challenged it’s hard to stop me! I’ve made scenes in public, plopped a wig from a mannequin at Forever 21 and posed for a pic. It was a big, pink afro wig too. I’ve even jumped off cliffs into the ocean. See, isn’t it more fun to think of it this way?

It’s up to you how you want to break down your goals. I recommend starting at the BARE minimum and segmenting your growth on a monthly basis.

Here’s what I mean. So, maybe you want to exercise more, like me (I LOVE Blogilates). Start off by daring yourself to work out for 30 minutes, 3x a week. Once you’re able to do that for a month, dare yourself to increase the time to 1 hr, 3x a week. Once you’re able to do that for a month, dare yourself to increase it to 1 hr, 4x a week. By increasing your momentum in a manageable way like this, it prevents you from quitting and backtracking as much as you would if you tried to workout for 1 hour every day starting NOW.

Slow and steady wins. Stay true to your commitment and don’t advance too quickly, even if you think you’re ready.

I use the iPhone app “Way of Life” to organize habits I want to implement daily – so try it out if you need help keeping track!

Today, the first of the new year, is a great day to grab a pen and paper and begin breaking your goals down into little dares.

I dare ya.

Let me know in the comments below how you’ve broken your BIG goal into bite-size dares.

The ONE Thing You Need to Trigger a Complete Transformation in Your Life

It was around this time 2 years that I first started offering my services. And it’s been a rollercoaster ride since then. But with all of my ups and downs, I knew that I could never give up on myself. And it’s only recently that I started to see the fruits of that choice.

Today, you’re probably with your families and loved ones celebrating and enjoying this precious time together. And I hope you honor that time. Because nothing can replace it. Sure, they might bombard you with questions about your path in life… so why not embrace it? While you’re going throughout the day, I want you to look at the quality of life you’re living. Is it what you want?

It’s Time to Get Reflective

There is one thing, that if you changed it, could trigger a whole transformation in you and your life. What is it? What is the one step that you need to take in order to become the person you want to be?

For me, it was simply learning how to change my habits and work hard. Period. How easy it is to write it in a sentence, and how hard it is to actually implement it…

That meant becoming the person that can sacrifice pleasure for the kind of life they want. Less sleep, 45 hour work weeks, all-nighters. I wanted to reach a state of output that was unprecedented for me and then hone that into an ideal work schedule. It was intense and sometimes I failed miserably. But I wouldn’t trade a second of it if that meant I had to give up the person I am now.

Now, I work harder than I EVER have in my entire life. I’m not kidding. That is no small thing.

The Road of Unlimited Personal Self-Development

Take some time today. Look around. Is this the life you want? What’s the trigger goal that you plan on working towards this year that will have the most impact on your life? Do you need to manage your emotional well-being? Do you need to learn how to prioritize? Do you need to change your work habits? Do you need to enhance your creativity? Do you need to improve your social skills? Do you need to learn how to network better?

What’s the trigger goal that you plan on working towards this year that will have the biggest impact on your life?

What’s the ONE thing that you need to master to make the BIGGEST impact on your life?

Only you know.

Let me know in the comments below, it’ll be our little secret for now. But my challenge to you is to not make it a secret anymore, but to make it your reality. So, what is it?

Why NOT Listening to Your Customers Helps You Write Better Copy and Land More Clients

What if you established a business that you hated? Well, that’s what can happen if you only listen to your customers. Even though that is important, you need to know yourself first!

Remember my last post about the best friend approach to writing copy that inspires action? Well, this continues that idea of thinking of business as a relationship. Before you can have a meaningful, deep relationship, you need to know who you are. You can’t define yourself by the other person. It’s just not healthy. It can even be dangerous. And the same is true in business. You need to know who you are before getting into a business relationship.

Because if you don’t get clear on this, your work is in jeopardy.

Let me explain.

The Difference Between Knowing Yourself & NOT Knowing Yourself

Why NOT Listening to Your Customers Helps You Write Better Copy and Land More Clients

When you know yourself, you know what thrills you and what annoys you. That is powerful in business. Think about it like this: the more you enjoy yourself, the better work you do. And the more stressed you are, the more mistakes you make. So, why not deliberately choose the environment, atmosphere, and people who give you your best chance in business and steer clear from the rest? That’s why being confident in who you are and who you are compatible with is so crucial. Otherwise, you end up working in miserable circumstances, with the WRONG people. And the quality of your work and life suffer because of it.

Let’s see the real impact of this:


This is what happens when you do NOT know who you are:

Small business owner, Meghan, loves being a web designer. She’s been freelancing for a few months. But she never thought about the importance of knowing who she is. Now, she notices she keeps landing real estate clients. It was all about paying the bills, but now she feels stuck in this industry. Her projects no longer excite her. She’s tired of agents who don’t value her work and seem to think they can call her at every hour for a website request.

Poor Meghan. She’s not loving business. And when you aren’t thrilled about your client’s work, you should be worried. Again, it threatens the quality of your work, which can ruin your business. It’s a shame really, she could’ve easily avoided this if she took time to figure out who she is and who is compatible with her personality and work.


This is what happens when you DO know who you are:

Small biz owner, Stephanie, also loves being a web designer. She spent the time to figure out who she is and what she wants. She knows she loves using her hands – especially with activities like cooking and painting. She wants to stay in that atmosphere. It inspires her. So, now she focuses on connecting and contributing to creative types and lands clients she LOVES: artists, chefs, jewelry designers, and more!

Stephanie took the time to get clear on who she is, and consequently creates her best work for people she LOVES. If you want the same thing, than you need to figure out who YOU are too! Because if you don’t, you end up like Meghan: stuck and confused. Once you nail this piece, then can you think about getting to know your customer.


Infusing your copy with who you are attracts clients and customers who excite you

Copy that tries to appeal to the masses, appeals to no one. There’s nothing likable about someone who has no personality and speaks like a textbook. Few people (if any) are attracted to that. There’s just nothing to connect with.

Questions like these help you get a better picture of your personality:

Who am I?

What do I believe in?

What don’t I believe in?

What excites me?

What do I hate?

These questions help you draw out your opinions. The power of that is that people can agree or disagree with those opinions. People who disagree are repelled. People who agree are pulled in. And these people stand by you, love you, and eventually hire you.

That’s why copy is so powerful. By expressing your opinions using specific words and sentence structure, you’re able to weed out incompatible people and draw-in dream clients who are thrilled to work with you.

So, what do you need to do to figure out who you are?

A great place to start is by downloading my FREE mini-workbook, The Revolution Statement: My Number #1 Secret to Standing Out.

Getting clear on who you are is a powerful step in your business. If you don’t do it, you lose a key element that may differentiate you from the competition. So, do you know who you are in business?

Seriously though, I’m asking.

Let’s talk in the comments!


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